Tuesday, 31 July 2012

25 Things about Tim Anthony Cashmere

     What do you do for a living?  Duration?
I write about music, interview bands and produce recordings of bands we make in our studio. I have done that (or something along those lines) since I was 15 – literally half of my life. When I am not doing that, I am studying physics and mathematics at Monash University.

     What made you choose this role?
What’s this “choose” you speak of?

      Do you have a website? If so supply link
All of my music stuff goes here:
I also have a science blog. Like anybody’s non-professional hobby-blog, it doesn’t get updated as often as I would like. You can see it here:

    Submit your favourite photo of yourself and describe why it is your favourite?
Self portrait taken from a train window somewhere in India. If I look skinner there than I do now, it’s probably because I hadn’t kept a meal down for a week.
     Tell me a bit about yourself.
I like music, science and craft beer. I also like travelling, but since it is not a perfect world, I don’t get to indulge in that as much as the other three things. If you try to talk to me about anything that isn’t one of these, you will probably think I am a complete moron.

     Do you have a belief you are passionate about?
I believe science is the key to understanding the world around us and if everyone were scientifically literate, the world would be a better place.

     What kind of student were you at school?
My entire school years were spent blowing kisses to the jocks and reading every music magazine I could get my hands on.

     If you could learn to do something, what would it be?
Let’s assume the many years I have dedicated to learning physics and maths doesn’t count. I’d sure like to speak another language. A really cool one too, like Bengali.

     What do you like to do in your spare time, hobbies etc?
I like to walk out of my front door with my ipod, head in no particular direction and come home many hours later. If my budget allows, I usually return with a few new books and records.

     What is your favourite food?
I am not much of a foodie, but eating Indian food always brings back fond memories of travelling around the sub-continent.

    What makes you laugh?

    What makes you cry?
Bad jokes.

    What pisses you off?
Few things piss me off more than a denial of science. “Vaccines kill!” “Evolution isn’t real!” “My homeopath gave me something to cure my cancer!” Bah. I’m getting angry just typing this. *calm blue ocean*

    What is your most embarrassing moment?
On my fourth birthday in kindergarten I had to stand in the middle of a circle formed by my fellow students while they sung “Happy Birthday” to me. I was so embarrassed that I tried to hide under the table that the cake was on and the teacher yelled at me and told me to get out, so I had to stand there and cry tears of embarrassment while everyone sang at me. THERE. I SAID IT.

     If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
The ability to know all of the secrets of the universe.

    What chore do you hate doing?
You know how some people get that horrible shiver down their spine from metal on metal? Or nails on a chalkboard? Yeah, well the vacuum cleaner does that to me.

     If you could swap your life with someone else who would it be and why?
I am happy with the life I have, but I wouldn’t mind being Brian Cox just for one documentary shoot. Have you seen the stuff he gets to do?

    What would you like people to remember about you?
I don’t mind if people remember me fondly or not, but I would appreciate it if people remembered me truthfully.

    What do you find attractive about a person?
Great music taste and a curiosity about the world.

    What is your best feature?
Great music taste and my curiosity about the world.

    What’s on your bucket list?
That’s a looong list. I would like to travel to the Middle East… and orchestrate world peace.

    What is the one thing you’d like to achieve in your life?
To finish this fucking degree.

     If the world was about to come to an end, how would you spend your last hour?
Probably correcting someone’s grammar. It’s if the world *were* going to come to an end, by the way. Seriously though, it’s hard to say, but I’m willing to bet it’s going to involve as many unhealthy vices I can get my hands on.

    What’s your favourite possession?
So many! My original pressing Primal Scream  ‘All Fall Down’ 7” single. My Custom Shop Stratocaster. Any one of my books. My motorbike. We’re living in a material world, okay?

    Who is Lorinda Jane?
Someone who I will never delete from my Facebook account ever again.  (Good to hear haha L.J)

Thank you Tim Cashmere for revealing 25 things about yourself.   xx L.J

Sunday, 29 July 2012

25 things about Karen Conrad

What do you do for a living? 
Touring, publicity and artist management.  Basically,  I am a professional enthusiast.  I let people know about fantastic art/events/music, fashion & philosophy..  

I've been doing publicity in one form or another since I came to Australia 14 years ago from the US.

What made you choose this role?  
I'm nothing if not enthusiastic and although it's hard to break into working in the entertainment industry, I'm a bit of a risk taker and I love music, film, art - all those things that make life beautiful.  It suits me.

Do you have a website? If so supply link

Left to Right. Renee Geyer & Karen Conrad - Karen Conrad meets her Sunnies - Peter Garrett meets someone famous
Tell me a bit about yourself.
I migrated from the US to Australia 14 years ago with my two sons to marry my Aussie husband.  All of us are now both Australian and U.S. citizens.  My first job in Australia was in a freshly elected Steve Bracks' media unit at 1 Treasury Place.  I'm not sure how I got from there to doing pr for filthy rock n' roll bands but that's where the journey has taken me so far.  

Do you have a belief you are passionate about?
I am passionate about raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and I'm an advocate for a strong universal health care system in the US in case my son wants to return to the US one day.

What kind of student were you at school?
Genius in arts subject.  deficient in everything else.

If you could learn to do something, what would it be?
Play piano like Fats Domino.

What do you like to do in your spare time, hobbies etc?
Go to gigs, theatre, art shows.  Cook for the kids, test bourbon, paint, read and write.

What is your favourite food?

What makes you laugh?
Australian and US politics

What makes you cry?
That there is no cure yet for Cystic Fibrosis.

What pisses you off?
Politicans who would like to move Australia towards a user pays health system.

What is your most embarrassing moment? 
I met Bob Hawke once in Steve Brack's reception foyer and had to escort him to the premier's private office.
It went down like this:

Me (exiting reception foyer to get a coffee)

Hello, Can I help you?

BH:  Yes, I'm here to see the Premier

Me: Who can I tell him is calling?

Yeah, I didn't know who Bob Hawke was.

Nice one! (hahaha yes nice one Karen L.J)

If you could have a super power what would it be and why? 
I would like to never need sleep so I could go to more gigs per night.

What chore do you hate doing?
Pretty much all of them, but I do them anyway.  I'm very tidy.

If you could swap your life with someone else who would it be and why?
If I absolutely had to I'd like to be Pablo Picasso for a day…

What would you like people to remember about you?
I don't mind if they don't remember me at all, as long as they appreciate and are kind to the excellent children I gave to the world.

What do you find attractive about a person?
Sense of humour.

What is your best feature?

What’s on your bucket list?
I want a beer monkey to bring me a beer in Japan.  Honestly, there's this restaurant there that has monkey waiters.  No seriously, this is exactly the type of thing I would plan an entire holiday around….
And I want to travel with my sons sometime soon in Europe and drive the proud highways of the U.S.

What is the one thing you’d like to achieve in your life?
I want a monkey to bring me beer.  (see above)

If the world was about to come to an end, how would you spend your last hour?
Having dinner with my kids. or drinking beer with a monkey.

What’s your favourite possession?
The letters, cards, drawings, paintings, mix tapes my boys have made me over the years, and the voodoo doll.  Yeah, they made me a voodoo doll, too.

Who is Lorinda Jane?
My friend, my business associate and Molly's mum!

Thank you Karen Conrad for revealing 25 things about yourself.  You Rock. xx L.J
You can also find Karen Conrad Publicity, Touring and Artist Management on Facebook here 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Butterfly Boucher

For those that haven’t heard of the Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Adelaide, Butterfly has been one very busy girl since spreading her wings and heading into international waters, first to the UK and then to the US. Starting out playing bass in her sister Becca’s band, The Mercy Bell, Butterfly released her first solo album in 2004 and hasn’t stopped since.

Currently living between Nashville in the US and Melbourne in Australia, Butterfly has come back and in a big way, releasing her 3rd album and first independent release, the self titled ‘Butterfly Boucher’ on April 13th through MGM in Australia.
Boucher’s work with others fed the sound of the new record. Immutable in her need to be more than a solo artist, she spent 2011 producing fellow Aussie Missy Higgins forthcoming album, touring as a bass player and vocalist with McLachlan, and working with a new pop trio Elle Macho. “Everything broadened when I allowed myself to go beyond my solo music, collaborating with others has been key to keeping my own creativity bubbling as well as my sanity.”

Boucher recorded in Nashville with co-producer Jamie Kenney, and she played most of the instruments — including guitar, bass, drum, piano, synthesizers, and other odds and ends. “While making this record, I found that child-like joyful approach to creating music again, which I’d been craving,” she said of her lushly layered - yet not overly ornate album.

Though she plans plenty of time to work with others, it is her own music that exposes the depth of her talent. Like her previous album Scary Fragile, television and film have already begun picking up songs from Butterfly Boucher.
Stretching the gamut from sincere to playful, her smart pop inhabits a world of pure creativity — where fragility and force are complementary and indie rock accompanies heartfelt vulnerability.

BUTTERFLY BOUCHER with Van Hoorn + Katie Herzig (US)
Wed 8th August - Brass Monkey - Cronulla NSW

BUTTERFLY BOUCHER with Van Hoorn + Katie Herzig (US)
Thurs 9th August - Camelot Lounge - Sydney

BUTTERFLY BOUCHER with Katie Herzig (US) + Courtney Barnett
Sun 11th August - The Toff Of The Town - Melbourne

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Thornbury Theatre

The Thornbury Theatre situated at 859 High Street Thornbury, is the most majestic live music venue in Melbourne, this magnificent venue is truly a one of a kind facility.

Comprising a domed entrance hall with marble staircase and a first floor lounge bar leading into the main ballroom featuring 7m ceilings with chandeliers, The Thornbury Theatre is a unique venue on a truly grand scale.
The Grand Staircase
 As a performance venue It consists of three areas. 

The front bar hosts free live entertainment, mainly acoustic and mellow performances.
Also on the ground floor is the amazing Velvet room which has only been recently opened for live performances, the room seats up to 200 patrons and is a beautifully equipped  performance space with velvet curtains draping the walls, carpeted flooring and parquetry dance floor front of stage, the soft furnishings make for great acoustics.
The Velvet Room
The First floor you will find the grand Ballroom which comfortably seats up to 390 patrons, the decor is amazing, plush, ornate and certainly grand and also features a balcony section where one can view the scale of the room.  The Ballroom also has a 10m x10m parquetry dance floor front of stage. It truly must be seen to be believed, it is absolutely beautiful.
Grand Ballroom
The Velvet room and the Grand Ballroom are serviced by 2 separate commercial kitchens.  Primarily configured for Dinner and Show style events with a stage and professional PA System, this is a versatile space that can easily be re-configured to meet your needs.

The Thornbury Theatre has played host to some fantastic live shows over the years.  Old Crow Medicine Show, Justin Townes Earle, Lloyd Cole, Calexico, Tegan and Sarah and the Church 30th anniversary shows just to name a few.

Go to the Thornbury Theatre website for a full listing of gigs and events and subscribe to their mailing list whilst there to be kept up to date with what's on.

You can also keep up to date with events at the Thornbury Theatre via their Facebook Page or follow on twitter @ThornburyTheatr

For all band booking and private function enquires contact The Thornbury Theatre Venue bookers & Event co-ordinators. 
Neil Wedd -
Julian Abrahams -
The Thornbury Theatre.  859 High St.  Thornbury

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Amy Winehouse - Love Me Tomorrow

Amy Winehouse is remembered in this beautiful artist tribute book 'Love Me Tomorrow' by Miranda Young.

The death of superstar singer Amy Winehouse on 23 July 2011 shocked the world when she was found dead in her London apartment at the young age of 27.  Her legion of worldwide fans travelled with her as she hit the top of the charts with her album Back to Black and then sadly witnessed her fall from grace.

Miranda Young in her interview with Paul Cashmere, Noise11 - "The purpose of this unauthorised tribute is to celebrate her music and help perpetuate her legacy. The addictions and disasters that wrapped themselves around poor Amy’s life are definitely discussed, but I tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her loves, her family and most importantly the Records!”..........

Her death was mourned worldwide and Amy Winehouse - Love Me Tomorrow is a final tribute to an amazing artist on the one-year anniversary of her untimely passing.

For all fans of her soulful music, this full colour commemoration of Amy's life is a must have memento of a truly unique talent.

Available in all good book stores and newsagents worldwide RRP $9.95 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Corb Lund heads to Australia

Fourth-generation Albertan rancher, former punk/metal bandleader award winning Canadian roots star Corb Lund will return to Australia this August to perform at the Optus Gympie Muster and launch his new album Cabin Fever.

Corb will launch the record with a special Album Release Party at the intimate Notes Live venue in Sydney’s Newtown on Wednesday 22 August, with his long time backing band the Hurtin’ Albertans. The tight, dynamic four-piece have wowed Australian audiences for close to ten years, with Corb’s quirky lyrics and rhythmic vocals and the bands undeniable high energy and on-stage chemistry.

The charismatic Canadian has built his local fan base through many visits down under over the past decade, including performances at East Coast Blues and Roots, CMC Rocks the Snowys, CMC Rocks North Queensland, Deni Ute Muster and tours across Australia.

Check out the video for Gettin' Down on the Mountain From the new album, 'Cabin Fever' in stores & online worldwide August 14, 2012 via New West Records available through Warner Music Australia.

Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans will perform at :
Notes Live, Newtown on Wednesday 22 August
Special guest for the album launch show will be Harry Hookey, the young Melbourne-based singer-songwriter whose rootsy style and witty lyrics make him an easy fit with Corb.

Optus Gympie Muster on Main Stage Thursday 23 August. Crow Bar Friday 24

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Comeback' Screening Launch

Comeback - A short film by Bernadette Keys is a black comedy that explores some of the more spurious sides to  flash-in-the-pan stardom in the music biz.  
Starring Steve Kilbey with Sam Sejavka, Cecilia Opie, Clem Bastow & Daniel Nicewski.

Bobby Birdhouse (Steve Kilbey) is a has been.  The former 70's teen idol was once Australia's brightest star - a darling of the Go-Set, feted by the media, Bandstand regular and with a fan club to rival David Cassidy, it seemed like Bobby was set for international stardom until it all came crashing down around him one fateful day. In 1972 five minutes before Bobby was to headline iconic rock festival Funbury, best mate and roadie Snake (Sam Sejavka) broke the terrible news that Bobby's beloved wife Delilah had deserted him for Tom Jones. Bobby froze mid-performance on the Funbury stage. Thousands of fans booed, jeered and in true Australian tradition, threw stubbies. It was the end of a brief and brilliant career - or was it?

Thirty years later Bobby has been given the opportunity to make a comeback by playing at  Woodrock festival. Bobby's  still  lost in the 70's, suffering frightening flashbacks to Funbury, anxious, excited yet  too scared to step into the modern world. His Gen Y kids, Tammy (Clem Bastow) and Tim (Daniel Nicewski) try to help out with publicity shots.  Fanatical fan  and neighbour 'Patty Boyd' (Cecilia Opie) is totally obsessed with Bobby and lovingly makes his life hell by her constant displays of stalker-ish affection. Loyal and compliant Snake (Sam Sejavka) may be the only one to save the day and get Bobby back in the game -  if his penchant for Wini blues and Jim Beam doesn't get there first!
As they set off to rock once again they find the climb back up once you've been knocked off your perch is not that easy.

Comeback Launch is at Loop Bar Thursday 19th July, Meyers Place Melbourne at 8pm.  Repeated screenings will commence from 8.30pm - 9.30pm.  Q & A with film maker Bernadette Keys, Steve Kilbey, Sam Sejavka and other cast members will follow.  Free entry.  All who attend will receive access to a free download of the song 'You're the one hundrenth and one girl' written and performed by Steve Kilbey for Comeback.
Following The launch, Comeback will enter Film Festivals both around Australia and internationally. Comeback  is being developed into an eight-part television series.   Much of the script has been adapted from true life stories of things that can go wrong on the way to the big time.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Naomi Braun (album Launch)

Get Ready for NEW MUSIC by Naomi Braun, with the Launch of her new full length album 'Through the Devils Wood', a milkshake of soul, dub, hip-hop, electro and spoken word. People often liken Naomi’s vocal abilities to that of Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, Portishead and Moloko, and the album has production styles akin to that of Massive Attack. She has created a style of music sure to get your hips swaying with juicy delicious beats.
Acting as the dynamite director behind her new independent full-length album, Naomi has been hard at work producing the album in her home studio in Melbourne and collaborating with various filmmakers and well-known musicians.
Naomi has collaborated with Sly and Robbie; Jamaican reggae music extrodinaires who have worked with No Doubt, Grace Jones, Madonna and the Fugees to name just a few.
Another artist of note, Lotek (music producer from North London), helped co-produce a few songs with Naomi and mixed the album. Lotek produces a mash up of hip-hop, reggae influenced grime and UK dancehall and has collaborated on the recent 'Hilltop Hoods' platinum-selling album from 2011, throw another talent in to the mix, long time friend and artist from NYC, Johanny Paulino aka Gabriel, raps on the song 'Live in Lies.'

Naomi Braun 'Through The Devils Wood' Album Launch with special guest LOTEK 
The Toff in town.
Level 2, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Thursday July 26th at 8.30pm - Tickets 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bitter Sweet Kicks (EP Launch)

The Bitter Sweet Kicks would have to be one of the most exciting new bands to emerge on the scene.  Spawned from the gutters of St Kilda, this is rock n roll 5 piece shows how it should be done, they make it perfectly clear that they love what they do, they love performing and certainly are performers.   After witnessing one of their live sets it becomes perfectly clear why their following ‘Team Rock n Roll’ is growing at a rapid rate.
The Kicks energetic live shows are renowned for leaving the stage covered in blood, sweat and broken glass after they bash their way through a solid set of chaotic rock n' roll, never say ‘Break A Leg’, yet be sure to clear a few meters front of stage from sharp objects. 
Front man Jack Davies has unbelievable stage presence, he puts on an incredible show, climbs the walls, hangs from the ceiling or anything within reach and often lands with a thud whilst the rest of the band thrash around in similar fashion without missing a beat.  Brendan Charlie (Guitar) is not afraid to throw himself out front with Jack Davies, Chris Tarranto (Guitar) goes head to head with Charlie, Joe Cunliffe belts out the beats on drums whilst Johnny Kicks puts on a show of his own, earning a reputation as the naked bass player, Kicks nudes up only to be left with his bass guitar as his only attire. The beauty with the Kicks is there is so much going on, so much to look at and so much to entertain you, so much so you just want to push your way up the front and get where the action is, one cannot help but to totally enjoy and be left feeling energised and wanting more.

The sound is Raw with splintering riffs, catchy as hell bass lines, belting drums and howling vocals which come together in a mixture of ‘proto punk’ and old school bluesy rock to create a uniquely powerful sound that can only be described as real.  Although young lads, the Bitter Sweet Kicks draw a crowd ranging from their 20’s through to 50’s, the older are reminded of rock when they were similar age, while the younger fans feel they are experiencing something exciting and new.  The Bitter Sweet Kicks certainly have a big future ahead of them.
The Bitter Sweet Kicks launch their new EP "Linea De Fuego" at the Prince Band Room in St Kilda Friday 13th July with special guests King Of The North, Valentiine and Merri Creek Pickers.  Show starts at 8pm, ($10 pre sale or $15 at the door). Ticket Link  
August the band board the big silver bird bound for Europe for a series of shows.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Church Tour

This Summer 2012 the church will complete a tri-continental Scottish, American and Australian band bill across Australia and New Zealand by touring with art stadium stalwarts Simple Minds and art rock innovators Devo.
This tour will cover major city venues as well as a day on the green concerts in regional areas where Melbourne contemporaries Models will join the bill.
Although all bands formed in the seventies and entertained the mainstream in the eighties, all have endured and remained creative, continuing to tour and release albums to critical and public acclaim.

Do not miss this art rock extravaganza as it rolls into your town.
Simple Minds, Devo and The Church.
Models will also play all a day on the green shows.

AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND TOUR DATES:  Tickets on sale for all shows Now
Visit The Church Tour Calendar


Frid Nov 30 MELBOURNE Palais Theatre - 
Bookings thru & 136 100

Sat Dec 1 a day on the green – Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley VIC
Bookings thru & 136 100

Sun Dec 2 ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre
Bookings thru & 132 849

Tues Dec 4 PERTH Kings Park & Botanic Garden
Bookings thru & 136 100

Frid Dec 7 SYDNEY Entertainment Centre
Bookings thru & 136 100

Sat Dec 8 a day on the green – Bimbadgen Winery, Hunter Valley NSW
Bookings thru & 136 100

Sun Dec 9 a day on the green – Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton QLD
Bookings thru & 136 100

Wed Dec 12 WOLLONGONG WIN Entertainment Centre
Bookings thru & 132 849


Sat Dec 15 a day on the green – Villa Maria Estate, Auckland
Bookings thru & 0800 111 999.

Robert Forster

As one of the founding members of the much loved Brisbane group The Go-Betweens, Robert Forster has an enviable cannon of songwriting credits to his name. He has released 9 albums with The Go-Betweens and 4 solo albums of original material. His last solo album 'The Evangelist', released in 2008, received 4 and 5 star reviews the world over and was nominated as one of the albums of the year by the influential Uncut magazine in the UK.
In 2005 Forster began writing music criticism for The Monthly magazine. By 2006 he was awarded the prestigious Pascal Prize for Critical Writing. His work has also been anthologised in the New York edited Best Music Writing 2007, and The Best Australian Essays 2009. In 2010 he released his first book “The 10 Rules of Rock and Roll”.
For this very special show, his first after taking a year off from performance, Robert will be appearing solo and he shall be presenting a sparkling cross section of his catalogue - old, recent, borrowed, and new, to mark this occasion. 
Robert Forster plays his only Melbourne show at the Thornbury Theatre, 859 High St, Thornbury, Vic Friday 26th October 2012

The Music Of Andy Cowan

The Music Of Andy Cowan 

In the 70's and 80's he was a hired gun for legendary Australian bands, Madder Lake, Ayers Rock, Kevin Borich, Renee Geyer and Ian Moss to name but a few. Since 1998 Cowan has recorded seven CD's and filmed a live DVD at The Basement in Sydney and The Corner Hotel, Richmond, Victoria.
".....nothing but pure class" Mark Doherty-Rhythms Magazine

Andy Cowan is one of Australia's foremost performing songwriters. He possesses a voice that invites comparison with the likes of Tom Waites or Leonard Cohen, with the soul of Ray Charles. But these are superficial comparisons, Andy's virtuoso Piano and Keyboard playing contain both energy and melodic beauty. His songwriting and performing skills give him a strength and quality that define him as the complete artistic entity - the "King of the Keys" "…Cowan shows himself to be a great songwriter and musician" (Ed Nimmervoll - Music Australia Guide Magazine)

Andy's musical career began in Melbourne, Australia, growing up in a household surrounded by music. Following classical piano studies he began exploring piano improvisation, and absorbing musical ideas from rock, soul, blues, jazz and folk artists, and developing his very distinctive signature style that has matured with time. His influences include Ray Charles, Chopin, Dr John, Pete Johnson, John Coltrane, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Bob Dylan, and many more.

Andy received Blues Album of the Year 2000, Blues Performer of the Year 2001, Male Performer of the Year 2003 and was an ARIA nominee for his "10.30 Thursdays" CD. He was also awarded second place at the International Blues Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 2002. He has arranged and performed on movies soundtracks including the Australian cult classic "Stone" and has toured internationally and throughout Australia for more than four decades.

Andy Cowan and Band will be doing a series of dinner/shows:

Friday September 21 Lizottes, 1/629 Pittwater Rd Dee Why, NSW
(02) 99849933
Saturday September 22 Lizottes 31 Morehead St Newcastle NSW
(02) 4956 2066
Sunday September 23 Lizottes Lot 3 Avoca Drive Kincumber NSW
(02) 4368 2017

Sleeping Kingdom, Waking Beauty

Before Walt Disney, before the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault, the tale of Sleeping Beauty was an adult one.

'Sleeping Kingdom, Waking Beauty' is a solo multimedia storytelling performance with live and pre-recorded music, a spinning wheel, and a short film featuring gorgeous artwork.
Reilly McCarron is a storyteller, folklore student, songwriter, singer, harpist and enchantress. She gently cracks open the faerie tale to find what lies within...
What really happened while the princess slept in those deep, dark enchanted woods?
Hear master storyteller Reilly McCarron weave a haunting original telling of Sleeping Beauty based on early versions of the tale meant for an adult audience.

Sleeping Kingdom, Waking Beauty' launches at Burrinja Theatre on Saturday July 14th at 8pm at Black Box Studio.  Cnr Glenfern Road and Matson Drive. Upwey, Vic.
Further dates at the Butterfly Club Thrusday 26th July through to Sunday 29th July. 204 Bank St, South Melbourne.